Smart Quick Parking

        Meshon launched an industry-leading integrated software and hardware solution for smart parking Internet of things, covering real-time dynamic feedback of parking space status (parking space status accuracy 99.99%), empty parking space guidance, personnel walking guidance, parking space reservation, multimedia guidance data screen and parking space monitoring data screen. The equipment is based on wireless communication technology and independently invented patented parking space detection technology, Compared with the traditional parking space camera and other schemes, the comprehensive cost is saved by two-thirds, the construction is more convenient and faster, and the construction cycle is greatly shortened. This scheme greatly improves the parking experience of car owners, improves the management efficiency of operators and saves relevant operating costs.

All wireless laser monitoring parking space status

All air information link:Laser ranging sensing → Wireless ad hoc Internet of things → 4G communication

Safe and reliable automatic networked ground lock control

100% accurate perception of whether there is a car or not
Automatic lifting control ground lock
Safe and reliable without scratching the bottom of the car
Power loss / position grab active alarm
Support sharing and charging parking space operation
Long standby working time and less maintenance

AOA (angle of arrival) high precision positioning

AOA positioning:That is, the Bluetooth base station has multiple antennas, and the distance between the beacon transmitting antenna and each receiving antenna is different. Therefore, if the transmitted signal has reception time difference at each receiving antenna, the phase difference can be calculated, and the azimuth angle and positioning of the beacon can be further calculated. The accuracy can reach the sub meter level.
Both AOA positioning base station and laser parking detector use Bluetooth mesh wireless ad hoc network, which can be quickly deployed in the parking lot

High precision indoor parking map service

Sub meter positioning accuracy
Real time parking space status
Empty space guided parking
Non inductive reverse search
Autopilot extension