Meshon Natura Series Lamps

Using low-blue light spectrum LED, not only prevents blue light energy from harming human body's vision, but also makes the environment color display more suitable. The spectrum of illumination is similar as sunlight , which is more suitable for human health.

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Collaboration with Control and Sensing

Supports a variety of intelligent control devices such as AC controllers, smart sockets, and touch switches.

Supports a variety of sensors such as air quality detectors, lux sensors, and motion sensors.

Support daylight dimming, adjust light intensity and AC temperature at different intervals.

Multiple devices can work together to create a more comfortable office environment.

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Local/Cloud, choose whatever you want

Meshon illumination IOT system can be deployed as industrial PC, which works in sync with Tencent Welink cloud or other cloud choices.

You can choose different deployment methods as you want.

Easily accessible UI

Whether you are in the office, in the factory, or on the road, you can easily access illumination system through different devices, PC, mobile phone, tablet.