Building Intelligence



We are an innovative company specializing in intelligent architectural lighting, industrial lighting and related automation. We are committed to excellence, customer first, integrity and pragmatic, inspiring and innovative spirit of enterprise and work style, dedicated to the vast number of people at home and abroad. Customers offer innovative lighting solutions with competitive advantages. Meihao Technology currently has independent intellectual property rights for the company's lighting system and products, which can provide integrated software and hardware solutions. The corresponding product solutions can be applied to large factory workshops, office buildings, parking lot lighting, park street lighting, schools. Specific application scenarios such as classrooms and hospitals. All solutions can be deployed locally as a private enterprise interconnection system solution, or can be flexibly extended to a complete enterprise hybrid networked cloud platform according to user needs, aiming at the practical application needs of enterprise users in the development of the Internet of Things today. As well as enterprise security, service quality and other aspects, we provide enterprise-level intelligent lighting application services to meet the actual needs of enterprises in improving work environment efficiency and enterprise management automation.

Our company has been established for a short period of time, but due to its late-stage advantages in technology, it has become a provider of innovative lighting products solutions by taking advantage of its unique products in industrial and commercial lighting. The related wireless ad hoc network lighting IOT solution has been recognized and adopted by large companies such as Tencent Technology, China Resources Land, Guangzhou Hitachi and a large number of overseas customers, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tencent Technology to jointly promote lighting automation and the current Internet of Things trend. The integration of development, and seek market development, create a brilliant future.