Air quality detector

The air quality detector can monitor the gas and particulate content in the surrounding air in real time, including formaldehyde, PM2.5, carbon dioxide, PM1.0, Temperature, humidity, etc.

Measuring rangeAccuracyService life of sensorSensor operating temperature
Temperature-40℃~125℃1℃More than 5 years-40℃~125℃
Humidity0%~100%1%More than 5 years-40℃~125℃
PM1.00~1000ug/m31ug/m33 years (in the air)-20℃~40℃
PM2.50~1000ug/m31ug/m33 years (in the air)-20℃~40℃
PM100~1000ug/m31ug/m33 years (in the air)-20℃~40℃
Formaldehyde0~3000ug/m31ug/m32 years (in the air)-20℃~50℃
Carbon dioxide0~10000ppm10ppmMore than 5 years0℃~50℃