Betop intelligent mining lamp series


Mainly used in factory production workshops, workshops, warehouses, road toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets, stadiums, conference center halls, airports Passenger passages, exhibition halls, etc. need to have high ceilings. The lamps using LED light source consume 20% of the electricity of traditional incandescent lamps, and their service life is more than 10 times that of energy-saving lamps. Working with the sensor, when the ambient light is lower than 5Lx, it automatically enters the working state, the person lights up, the person automatically turns off the light, and is not disturbed by external factors such as noise, easy to use, safe and stable, long life. The advantages of energy saving and environmental protection are a new generation of green light sources, which are substitutes for incandescent lamps. The intelligent high-altitude lamp products have obtained UL, CE, and DLC certifications, and can be integrated with metering and light control, seamlessly connecting with the United States and the United States.