In the Meshon lighting control system, the IoT Gateway is a very critical device that connects Meshon's range of IoT devices via a mesh network. Building a smart building solution. Especially for lighting control, the IoT Gateway has a powerful care function. After the group control command is sent to the gateway, the gateway collects the status of all the light control modules for reporting, and calculates which modules are not controlled, and then resends the specified command as a reissue mechanism. This feature greatly enhances the effectiveness of control commands and is more powerful than other home solutions for lighting control.

The Meshon lighting control system can control up to 100 fixtures with one command during group control. All sub-devices will automatically report their status after executing the command. There will be 100 responses for a single command. The IoT gateway can be configured to collect the status of these reports and aggregate them into a response packet to send to the system to relieve the pressure on the system.

Product ModelMS-GYWG
Communication ProtocolCloud-end IUFO Communication Protocol, Realcom Protocol
Meter ProtocolDLT645-2007, DLT645-1997 ZigBee Communication Protocol
Key display320*240 dot matrix LCD, diode backlight, 6 keys
Remote InterfaceEthernet
Local interface USB 485
Upgrade maintenanceRemote online upgrade, local USB upgrade, OTA upgrade
Storage capacity1G bit FLASH
Clock AccuracyClock Accuracy ≤±1s/d in the Temperature Range of -25~+60℃ Temperature
Working power supply220V,allowable deviation 20%~+20%;
Frequency50Hz, allowable deviation 6%~+2%
Working environment Temperature: 20 to + 70 degrees Celsius
Power Consumption <10w