IOT Gateway

In the Meshon lighting control system, the IoT Gateway is a very critical device that connects Meshon's range of IoT devices via a mesh network. Building a smart building solution. Especially for lighting control, the IoT Gateway has a powerful care function. After the group control command is sent to the gateway, the gateway collects the status of all the light control modules for reporting, and calculates which modules are not controlled, and then resends the specified command as a reissue mechanism. This feature greatly enhances the effectiveness of control commands and is more powerful than other home solutions for lighting control.

Unlike ordinary gateway, industrial version integrated gateway, reactive power consumption, hidden installation location, has no impact on daily life of distribution box gateway. Its standardized structure makes installation more convenient.

Product ModelMS-GYWG
Rated voltageSingle-phase220 V
Power frequency magnetic field400 A/m
Impulse Voltage6 kV
Electrostatic Discharge8 kV
Fast Pulse GroupPower Circuit 54kV
Signal Circuit 2 kV
SurgeCommon Mode 4 kV
Differential Mode 2 kV
Operating temperature-40 ~ +70 ℃(Battery operating temperature-15~+45 ℃)
Relative humidity≤95%
Voltage rangerated voltage ±20%
Frequency range50 Hz±5%
The power consumption of the whole machine≤3.5 W
Shape sizelength * width * thickness:88mm×75mm×75mm
WeightAbout 0.6kg
Clock Battery (Lithium Battery)220 mAh
Power-off data and clock retention time ≥10 years