Motion sensor

Microwave human activity sensor can be quickly installed in the lighting scene, embedded with ZigBee wireless ad hoc network module, and other wireless self-organizing Network products are jointly networked. It can be configured for lighting scenes. When triggered by external personnel activities, the configured lighting scene commands will be automatically issued, and the corresponding lighting and the like will be linked. The device can define a cost control mode, which can be operated without depending on the lighting control system, or can define a server mode, and can perform more complicated complex lighting scene tasks across the group of gateway lights.

Product ModelMS-WBRG
Working environment -4° F ~ +149°F ( -20℃ ~ +65℃) for indoor (or non-metallic waterproof shell)
Power supply220V@50Hz, AC
Wireless Characteristics2.4GHz ZigBee
InstallationFixed Installation of Sleevable Connecting Pipe