Natural series health light

  • Innovation of luminescent materials, low blue light ratio, more suitable for natural light source spectrum.
  • A reasonable blue spectral component can alleviate visual fatigue and psychological interference and reduce the effects on melatonin secretion.
  • The color temperature of 4000-6500K still maintains better color rendering. In healthy lighting, the color of the environment is still rich and beautiful.
  • In conjunction with the illuminating IoT system, it can realize the illumination of the daylight, avoiding the influence of the traditional LED rich blue light on the human body clock.
  • It is suitable for reading the light source characteristics of the office and is used in the education medical industry and the office environment.
Product ModelMS-MBD
Input voltage220-240VAC 50/60Hz
Dimming mode1-10V/0-10V pwm
Light flux2800lm
Glare gradeUGR<16
Color temperature4000-5000K
Blu-ray hazard gradeRG0
StroboscopicNo stroboscopic
Dimensions300 * 1200mm
CertificationCCC,Rhine Tuv Low Blu-ray Certification
Warranty period3 years