Scene programming switch

Scene programming switches work with Meshon lighting control modules and IoT gateways to build local logic controls that define scene control for industrial and commercial locations. As a wireless device integrated with ZigBee network technology, the touch switch can simultaneously control one lamp and above (up to 100 lamps) with one button, with the same light/off/simultaneous dimming/simultaneous brightening, or one button simultaneously controlling One lamp and above (up to 25 lamps) illuminate the lamp with a defined brightness. The installation is convenient and fast, no wiring is required, only 220V voltage with hot and neutral lines is needed, which is very suitable for offices, warehouses, factories and other places.

When the network connection between the gateway and the system is not available, the scene programming switch can still control the luminaire in the same ZigBee network as the lighting control module. For the control of a large number of luminaires, it can be configured to operate in coordination with the lighting control system and execute gateway commands.

Product ModelMS-CJQK
Working environment -4° F ~ +149°F ( -20℃ ~ +65℃) for indoor (or non-metallic waterproof shell)
Size86mm W x 86mm H x 32mm D
Power Supply220V AC 50Hz
Configuration4 touch buttons
InstallationSurface mounting, 2 screw holes on the floor, removable glass cover
Indicator lightsEach button has red/green LED display
Wireless Characteristics2.4GHz ZigBee
保质期2 years