Smart lighting controller

The lighting controller integrates ZigBee modules, metering modules, etc., and can use the rapid networking and lighting of mesh networks in industrial and commercial lighting control. State feedback to work. This module has a 10A relay to control the ballast/driver and circuit switches and provides 1 to 10V voltage control for one or more dimmable ballasts/drivers. It can also work with other ZigBee devices, such as mobile human touch, touch switches, air conditioning controllers, single-phase or three-phase meters, to build advanced control logic for automation.

According to the energy metering hardware integrated in the light control module, automatic feedback of the status of the luminaire can be formed and reported to the Meshon lighting control system. This state can be reported periodically and triggered by a light operation, such as turning on/off/dimming. Therefore, the user can see the high-frequency data curve of each luminaire, so that not only the power consumption but also the real-time state view of the luminaires in the building can be obtained.

Product ModelMS-JLDK
Working environment- 4 +149 (-20 +65) for indoor (or non-metallic waterproof shell)
Output5A(10A) @ 220V
Power supply220V AC 50Hz
Power consumption1.5W @220V, Idle
Measurement accuracy±1%(range: 0.03-10A)
Ballast/driver controlon/off, 1-10V dimming, 0-10V dimming
Wireless Characteristics2.4GHz ZigBee
Warranty period2 years