Illuminance sensor

The Ethernet illuminance sensor is a sensor that uses Ethernet for illuminance transmission, measuring illuminance in real time and transmitting it using a network cable. The device supports both active upload and TCP Modbus. This product makes full use of the off-the-shelf Ethernet network to achieve unlimited distance data acquisition and transmission and centralized control.
This product adopts imported high sensitivity photosensitive probe with stable signal and high precision. It has the characteristics of wide measuring range, good linearity, good waterproof performance, convenient use, easy installation and long transmission distance.

Product Model MS-GZCG
DC power supply12V-24V DC
Transport interfaceRJ45 10M/100M adaptive
Communication ProtocolActive Reporting/TCP MODBUS
DNS Dynamic ParsingSupport
Accuracy of illumination intensity±5%(25℃)
Illumination intensity0-65535Lux / 0-200000Lux
Long-term stability - illumination intensity≤5%/y
Warranty period2 years